Happy Birthday Kyle!

It’s been a fun and busy birthday week for my dear Kyle and me. I thought “what better way to celebrate Kyle’s birthday, his love for the Miami Heat, and the recent victories of the team, than to bake a Heat cake!” He seemed to love it, and I guess it’s good that he wanted to eat it as soon as he saw it. I made the heat logo out of fondant that I tinted. I hand-cut each piece of the logo- sheesh! it took longer than I would have preferred…but anything for Kyle. =)

Inside the cake I added a little surprise layer of Reeses Peanut Butter cups that I diced up on top of a layer of buttercream. The second I cut into the cake the smell of peanut butter filled the air, it was delicious. Happy Birthday Kyle, and Let’s Go Heat!

Hoppy Easter!

It’s that time of year again; flowers are in bloom, the birds are chirping, and the Easter bunny is preparing for his big day. This year, the Easter bunny made an early delivery at our house! =) Everyone knows I can’t resist some fresh baked sugar cookies, so I thought I’d whip up a batch in some fun easter shapes; (I’ve really been craving cut-out cookies, and I would much rather indulge in delicious homemade cookies than all the store bought Easter candies and chocolate…)

For these cookies I used the recipe listed under  “my favorite sugar cookies”, and decorated them with the royal icing. I used cute spring cookie cutters- an egg-shaped one and a flower-shaped one (from Wilton). As for the recipe, I didn’t change anything- but I this time I added a bit extra lemon zest to the dough this time- and YUM!

The extra lemon zest added just what I was looking for; the sweet icing complements the lemon flavor so well, and adds a refreshing zing of flavor. So if you’re looking for a fun Easter “craft” or a yummy activity for the kids, whip up a quick batch of these delicious cookies! The whole family can get involved; for little ones, instead of using just colored icing, they can show their creativity with some sprinkles to decorate. Have a “hoppy” Easter! Enjoy everybunny! =)

An Easter bunny favorite!