Zombie cake

My brother is amazingly talented and artistic. He draws incredible comics online and he loves zombies. The figures were made of sculpey baking clay (that were baked the day before). The zombie figures are made of glow-in-the-dark clay (it looked awesome in the dark!) The main figure holding the shovel I made based off of a comic that my brother drew of himself holding a shovel, killing zombies. The cake is a simple fun-fetti (his favorite) two-layer cake, hand-carved in a rectangle. I enjoyed making this cake and all the figures; not often that I get to put “gross” things on a cake! “Keeping the world Zombie free for 22 years”

Zombie Birthday Cake
Zombie Cake

Gift Box Cake

Birthday Present Cake
Birthday Present Cake

For my roommate’s 21st birthday I surprised her with this gift box cake that I made. I added miniature bottles of assorted liquors to jazz it up and make it the ultimate 21st birthday cake. The lid was a challenge to prop up under the weight of the fondant, but after some finesse I made it work. I love how this cake turned out, and she loved it too which is the most important thing! The cake is french vanilla cake, that I tinted pink. The triangles were added because she had just been accepted to the Tridelta sorority.